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Posted by on Feb 21, 2013 in Startup Life | 0 comments

My Date with Big Data

My Date with Big Data

It seems like everyone is talking about big data, which was certainly the case at the Big Data Date Night event hosted at the Microsoft campus in Mountain View, CA. Big data experts from Hortonworks, Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix and other top companies came together to discuss how they use big data to make impactful business decisions.

Many enterprise companies do not have data architectures that support large volumes of data in one place, according to Ofer Mendelevitch, director of data sciences at Hortonworks. But, he said companies are now shifting their data storage architecture to store a lot more data. This is becoming a growing trend among top companies.

The panelist discussed how companies are better able to analyze their data now that it is stored more effectively.

“Big data wants machine intelligence,” said Bruno Aziza, vice president of marketing at SiSense, and the organizer of the event. Instead of relying on humans to understand patterns in data, he said, the machine can effectively analyze the large volume of data to provide insights to the end user.

In fact, Aziza, said, business intelligence will grow 8.3 percent, while machine intelligence will have a 167 percent growth — just this year alone.

Yet with all this new capability, panelists said it’s important for companies to not just focus on past performance, but to utilize the data to effectively make changes to improve customer satisfaction and user experience.

“It is not just what happened yesterday, but what is going to happen tomorrow [that matters],” said Chris Pouliot, director of algorithms and analytics at Netflix.

Perhaps Ken Rudin, Facebook’s head of analytics, said it best:

“It’s not just about the insight, but how to have impact.”

Sabine Alam

Sabine Alam

Director of Product Marketing at Sumazi
Sabine Alam is the Director of Product at Sumazi. Prior to Sumazi, she studied economics and English at UC Berkeley and spent 5 years as an analyst at Cisco Systems. Outside of Sumazi, she’s a community & fundraising captain with Team In Training, running to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
Sabine Alam
Sabine Alam
Sabine Alam

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