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Posted by on Mar 25, 2013 in Social Media Must-Reads | 0 comments

Responding to Social Media Stereotypes

Responding to Social Media Stereotypes

There are plenty of stereotypes around social media: from why certain companies wouldn’t benefit from social media, to how “practically anyone” can manage it. This week’s social media must-reads for businesses talks about breaking through those stereotypes and seeing success.

Here’s what you may have missed last week:

5 Social Media Manager Stereotypes
From “playing on Facebook all day” to “it can be done by anyone,” here are 5 stereotypes social media managers have to deal with every day. B2C.

Social For the Not-so-sexy Business
Some companies may not seem like a natural fit for social media, but there are plenty of examples of how plenty of them are using social to generate business. New York Times.

Outsource vs. Do-it-yourself
Studies show it takes 32 hours a month for a midsize company to manage one single social media platform. Here’s how to not spread yourself too thin. Forbes.

Social CRM Since 2010
Every dollar spent on CRM returns about $5.60. And 40% of customers believe social media improves customer service. Social Media Today.

Engaging Your Customers
There are plenty of great ways to engage your customers beyond the traditional ways of asking questions and posting memes. Geekless Tech.

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